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Catering and the 10 things to know when thinking about marriage

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Catering is important not only for the aspects of catering or wedding arrangements, in some cases it helps you to answer the many questions that arise in the course of wedding preparations.

The weddding planner service that our catering company offers to couples will come to the rescue of couples who need it.

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Often the ideas are unclear on issues that will soon concern them closely. Then we will try to give useful information by listing the most frequently asked questions that are addressed to us.

Let's start with the list of the most common questions that we will try to answer based on our experience. Of course these are not "absolute" answers, because the rules are often extended with exceptions that allow what otherwise could not be done. Let's start with the questions

The outdoor rites

Vorremmo fare il rito cattolico all'aperto come possiamo fare? Il matrimonio va celebrato in chiesa. Tutte le celebrazioni diverse da quelle fatte in chiesa rappresentano un rito simbolico e in alcuni casi rari, un'eccezione.

Vorremmo che il rito civile si celebra all'aperto, in spiaggia o in un'altra location. Anche questa richiesta non ha una risposta scontata. La regola è che ci si sposi in comune o in una casa comunale. Una location che si trova nella lista delle case comunali che può essere consultata negli uffici comunali.

rito civile

Is the symbolic rite valid? If the chosen place is missing from the list it will be a symbolic rite. It is evident that it has no legal value, first we marry in common and then the symbolic rite is practiced.

Can a friend celebrate the wedding? Yes, a municipal delegation is required

How many people will be the best man? In the civil ceremony there are only 2 in the religious one 4. In some cases there are more, but only the first four have the power to sign.

We are in Milan but we want to get married in Catania, let's talk about the religious rite, is it possible? Not always. The general rule is that you marry in the curia to which you belong. Some bishops conferred, others n. Always inquire before proceeding.

Religious rites

Do I need baptism and confirmation to get married in church? Certainly yes for baptism, for confirmation in reality canon law provides that this is done unless it is possible. Also inquire in this case

rito religioso

I am a Catholic and my fiancé is not. Can we get married in church? If one of the two is not Catholic, there is a mixed rite between Catholics and atheists or other religions

What music to play during the religious rite? Only liturgical music, but the church is made up of men and sometimes we have seen exceptions.

Catering, which one to choose

There are a thousand reasons to choose the Accademia del Monsù, we have talked about our work in other articles previously

catering catania

A look at the bureaucratic aspects

What documents do you need? Whether the rite is civil or religious, it will be necessary to go in town with: identity card, birth certificate, residence, citizenship, and free status. If there have been previous marriages, the divorce or death certificate. If everything is OK we will proceed to the publications. In church weddings, certificates of baptism, confirmation, certificate of participation in the premarital course and a certificate of free status will be needed. If there had been previous marriages, the death certificates. We suggest you organize yourself a couple of months in advance to resolve any requests.

The most important rule remains that of informing the municipality and church well in advance. The rules change over time and our article draws on the experience gained over the years.

Catering aligns with technology


If you have any questions, doubts or curiosities about the aspects related to the preparation of the wedding, do not hesitate to contact us. You can do this by calling our catering company on 095 7225255 or via whatsApp at the same number. If you are in a place far from our office, they will use the existing technology for a virtual meeting.

If you have a Google account we can arrange a meeting through Google Hangouts
The link Google will allow you to enter a meeting with our company account
If you don't have a Google account, we can meet via Skype.
connect to the link and download the software on your PC or mobile.

Call us to schedule an appointment at the telephone number 095 7225255


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