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They have chosen our Catering and you?

1 ferrari
The Accademia del Monsù has been called to the prestigious task of organizing the dinner for the birthday party of the house in Maranello.
The evening took place in a prestigious building: the "Bellevue Palace" in Bern. The guests tasted a typical Sicilian menu prepared by the teachers of the Academy. In addition to the ambassador, the president of the Italian chamber of commerce and all the management staff of Ferrari, the executives of important Italian companies, including Barilla, were present.

2 ipercoop
Gravina di Catania (CT) 2009 Inauguration of the Katanè Shopping Center - Ipercoop Gravina di Catania 4 May 2009. Inside a gallery of over 60 shops, in a strategic position between the sea and the road to Etna. The most complete offer is concentrated on an area of 8000 square meters: fresh and packaged food, gastronomic productions, parapharmacy, textiles, household goods and multimedia.
2000 guests tasted the Sicilian specialties of the Monsu 'academy catering. The success of the initiative was confirmed by the numerous feedback from customers, who, once verified the quality of the tastings, despite the large number of guests, did not hesitate to congratulate our chefs and chose us for their special events.

3 guzzini 
“Partners for a better life” Two meetings held in Catania on 09/19/2008 and in Palermo 09/24/2008. An event that involved 600 guests. For the few who do not know "the Guzzinis" we are grateful to summarize the corporate philosophy of this great reality: "Defended environment, biological and psychological well-being, sustainable economies" the commitments, since 1959, are for a positive development of life and society through the light. I Guzzini promotes responsible use of energy in public organizations, the protagonists of architecture, industry and commerce, in support of cities, for a real improvement of social life.

4 teatro brancati

Inauguration with guest of the evening Pippo Baudo. The 300 guests of the evening were able to appreciate the quality offered by our chefs.
We are proud to have been chosen by the world of culture for the inauguration of the Brancati theater. Everything confirmed the quality, as well as the dishes, of a perfect organization of the event.

We like to remember William Shakespeare's aphorism: “The whole world is a theater and all men and women are but actors: they have their exits and their entrances; and the same person, in his life, represents different parts " 


5 ibm1
I Benedictine University of Catania Gala dinner 250 guests. Even the global IT giant in Italy has chosen the Accademia del Monsu 'for the Gala dinner.
IBM represents the clear example of how constant change can represent an evolution destined to improve relations between business and society; increasing business for companies and improving the quality of life are now a possible combination. driving change is possible to take full advantage of this. "Digital is important but digital intelligence - or artificial intelligence as some call it - is even more so. In the next ten years everyone will be busy combining these technologies and entering cognitive computing. It is the dawn of a new era. ",

6 ugo boss
Boss Menswear Store Opening - Cocktail Party - 400 guests. Also on this occasion, our Catering was chosen by the well-known brand, in line with the quality expressed by their brand. We report the original text from the group portal, which expresses the brand philosophy "If you feel passionate about fashion and lifestyle, you should see for yourself what HUGO BOSS is all about: it is a luxury goods group that is both consistent and adaptable at the same time. It´s also one of the best known fashion companies in the world.
In our day-to-day work "we inspire people" but always remain genuine. As an employer, we can offer you a wide range of opportunities - not only fascinating professional tasks, but also in terms of many "feel-good aspects".

7 zeissMeeting Aziendale Carl Zeiss Italia - 120 Ospiti
8 zimmer
Meeting Aziendale Zimmer ( azienda leader nel settore ortopedia) - 400 Ospiti

9 telecom
Meeting Aziendale Nemes 2.0 (Partner Ufficiale Telecom - Tim) - 250 Ospiti

(THEY TALK ABOUT US: Zagara, jasmine and the inevitable Moor's heads frame the newlyweds, a portrait of happiness

The intent of the spouses was to keep their loved ones close to each other, this meant that theirs was a choral, peaceful and fragrant wedding, in Sicilian style. The Church, Santa Maria La Scala, at the foot of the Timpa di Acireale, a huge cliff, is small and relatively bare, so Francesca Giardinaro's flowers could have been the protagonists. Orange blossom, jasmine and freesias, olive and opuntia were present in the decorations inside, but also outside, at the entrance where the typical panari - wicker baskets, adorned with Sicilian lace, also used by fishermen - housed green and white buds and figs. 'India.

parlano di noi 1


The bouquet chosen by Daniele for Vittoria had in addition to jasmine, freesia, white hydrangea and also a touch of lavender to recall the original Dolce & Gabbana slingbacks (maison also chosen by the groom for his impeccable tailored suit) that the bride wore under the suit. Silk organza and French lace are the fabrics that the bride wanted for her dress and long veil, an impalpable and romantic model, made entirely by hand by her excited mother Grazia.

Romantic like the dress but with a decidedly Sicilian accent was also the hairstyle, a low chignon with soft braids, created by Nicola Savoca, while the make-up, light and refined, strictly not for brides, was created by Cristina Marano.

After the ceremony, while the couple, together with the photographer Daniele Muratore, were busy taking the usual photos, which actually appear much more cheerful and spontaneous than the classic wedding images, the guests moved to the splendid location chosen for the reception. : the Lunario, an ancient residence of monks built in the early '800 which owes its name to the lemon lunario, a plant that follows the cycles of the moons.

Sicily was obviously also the protagonist of the wedding banquet, starting with the welcome aperitif consisting of fries and tartare, and in the buffet appetizers - between the tables of which two huge Moor's heads dominated - where there was even a cold smoker of the 'Academy of Monsù. Caponata, sardines a beccafico, couscous, marinated raw fish and much more before sitting down at the table. The dinner, at the behest of the spouses, was short but extremely refined with the company of piped music, and the highlight of the party was the dancing evening with live music that also accompanied the cutting of the naked cake, literally naked and without cake. of extremely trendy glazes right now. The wedding banquet closed with a triumph of Sicilian sweets, including cannoli and iris freshly prepared. Even the favors - a white ceramic saucer, with a watercolor and pencil drawing created by Mari Cortese and made with the decal technique - with which they wanted to thank their guests, are a tribute to the respective cities of the Spouses: Como and Catania.

parlano di noi 2

Nella nostra gallery di matrimoni all’italiana certo la Sicilia non poteva mancare e quello di VIttoria e Daniele, una coppia particolarmente cara alla nostra redazione, è stato un matrimonio che più di ogni altro ha espresso la felicità, l’allegria e la spensieratezza che solo le donne siciliane sanno esprimere.


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