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Numerous brands have made "Made in Italy" great and rely on the Trubia Group in organizing national and international corporate events.

accademia del monsu

Accademia del Monsù is certainly the flagship of the Trubia group, a close-knit team with a single focus, the success of each event. The cool thing? always manage to hit the target!

poggio mulara

Our location for receptions: "Villa del Poggio Mulara" in Mazzarino, is an ancient Sicilian residence immersed in a fiefdom rich in vegetation, far from the noise, intended for lovers of authentic Sicilianity.


With over 60 locations, distributed throughout the country, we are able to offer the right context for any type of event.

le location nel nostro blog

Accademia del Monsù

Passion and dedication for one's work were the two principles that made it feasible to create a strong brand across the Sicilian landscape. Accademia del Monsù is the reference point for those who require refined and elegant catering combined with a seductive quality of food. In other words: a perfect event!

The company is part of the Trubia Group which has been operating in the catering for large events for several decades. Thanks also to the numerous feedbacks, it has selected, over time, the best locations. Today it boasts over 60 partners in the Sicilian territory.

Services for your wedding

For you who come to Italy all the services for a fantastic wedding

A single reference for your wedding. From the trip that will take you to Italy to the reception and the honeymoon. An all-inclusive organization and service for a stress-free wedding.

- Planning of all necessary operators on the wedding day

- Organization of trips to Italy for all guests on private jets or scheduled flights.

- Car with driver necessary for you and all your guests for the time of your stay in Italy

- Overnight at Hotel

- Catering and location

- Tours and excursions by car or helicopter to fly over the most evocative places in the region or quick transfers with private jets to the Mediterranean places

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A success story

The best things are achieved only through passion, without haste but also without stopping, because success is never definitive.We like to compare our work as restaurateurs and specialists in the organization of great events, to that of farmers, every year a new commitment for a new harvest, but taking advantage of previous experiences.

Over the years we have collaborated with numerous locations for receptions, some struck us for the atmosphere that we breathed inside them or for their evocative power, others for the kindness of the manager or for their geographical position. We suggest some of the most evocative locations distributed throughout the Sicilian territory.

In evidence

From France to Sicily, the Monsù inventors of a thousand recipes

Many do not know that the culinary tradition of Sicily is the product of different dietary rules of different origins. The economic condition imposed a type of diet based on the harvest and on game or farmed animals.

At the end of the nineteenth century, the great tradition of French cuisine reigned and there was not a single noble family of the two Sicilies not to use the services of a French cook. Their title, Monsù, indicated the difference between them, family cooks, and the others, "boater cooks". Some of them still have great fame until they are treated as artists and the names of some of them have come down to us, as the title of Monsù was a source of pride and was handed down from father to son. The Monsù have used the little available to them to "invent" recipes still worthy of a starred cuisine.

Today the Accademia del Monsù is the catering that collects the traditions of Sicilian noble cuisine and the successful promotion on the national territory.

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We are ready and you?


Contact center

Phone. +39 095 7225255
Fax. +39 095 7222495


Via Cefalù, 8

95o24 Acireale - Catania

Mazzarino (CL)

Contrada Mulara, S.N.


Viale Francia, 10