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Catering, technology and health emergency in Catania

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Our catering and restaurant company was the first to react to the health emergency. We confess that the sudden restrictions took us by surprise but, having overcome the initial wonder, we have reorganized the way we work.

The couples who will celebrate their wedding soon, had the need to confront us but the restrictions imposed urged them to stay at home. A real contradiction for couples who see constant anxiety growing. Then?

The solution to the contradiction is simpler than we think and can be summed up in a single word: technology. Google Hangout and Skype are the solution to the problem, but here are the details of the solution. Thanks to the technology made available by the two IT giants, it will be very easy to start meetings and video conferences.

Catering and technology

We will leverage the technology for virtual dating with couples who wish to get in touch with us

For those who have a Google account we will be able to schedule a meeting through Google Hangouts
At the link Google allows you to enter a meeting with our company account
If you don't have a Google account we will meet via Skype
at the link you can download the software on your PC or mobile.
At this point we are ready and you?

Call us on 095 7225255 to arrange the meeting via Google or via Skype.

Now we can "look at each other", even if through a webcam, choose the mise en place, the settings and decide together the wedding menu. In short, all the activities that were previously carried out in the office, now we carry out them from home. The "virtual room" takes the place of the meeting room, it's amazing how quickly habits can change! Who would have imagined all this just a month ago? Ours is certainly a temporary solution because nothing can totally replace human contact and relationships, but it is equally clear that our behaviors will undergo changes.

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