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Catering for weddings in Catania what you need to know about services

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When you search for "catering for weddings catania", the search engine shows you results that, apparently, describe the same proposals. This is not really true, because in reality the services offered are different and the same thing goes for the dishes.

The latter could contain foods of little known origin with taste characteristics far from our tradition. And what about rice? The latter dish is very often present in weddings.

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Rice, a dish proposed by catering at wedding receptions

There are dozens of rice varieties, many of which are grown in Italy. From the culinary art we learn that each type of rice is suitable to be prepared in a certain way.


Carnaroli rice, grown between Pavia, Novara and Vercelli, is the rice of the chefs because due to its higher starch content it can better cook, therefore it is perfect for risottos to be proposed in a wedding reception among the first courses. It is no coincidence that it is the rice used in our kitchen.

riso carnaroli

There are other good types of rice, the important thing is to choose the right one according to the type of course in the wedding banquet. Arborio competes directly with Carnaroli as the best rice in the preparation of risottos to be creamed. Vialone Nano is perfect for soups, certainly less used for wedding receptions, except for the preparation of arancini in the welcome buffet. Venere Nero, due to its natural brown color, is a very "scenographic" rice, therefore perfect in Special occasions. Basmati and Thai have now become very common, they are characterized by long beans with a sweetish flavor. If there is rice among the dishes, find out what type and in which course it will be served

Catering for weddings in Catania, services.

But we will have the opportunity to talk about the dish in more detail in the next articles. One of the things that is overlooked are the services offered by wedding catering.

allestimenti accademia del monsu catering catania

These can greatly simplify life for the newlyweds. For example, the floral arrangement of the location or the sets to be prepared. Another attention to be paid to the spouses is to accompany them to the location for an inspection. The experience of the catering company will protect you from surprises due to inadequate spaces for the type of reception. The organization of catering for weddings must provide a plan "B" in the case of summer weddings, in case of rain. Therefore, seating planning must be twofold: one in the outdoor area, the other within the location chosen for the wedding.

Not just dishes in wedding catering: The honeymoon

These are small attentions that make the real difference between a wedding catering and another. In our case, and we are the only ones to do so, among the services offered there is the organization of the honeymoon, offered in the form of a "travel list".

viaggio di nozze

A formula, which thanks to the special agreement with a well-known tour operator (Volo Viaggi), will allow the couple to save money by obtaining a mile of support service during their honeymoon.

To know the details of all the services offered by our catering, do not hesitate to contact us.

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