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Catering and location for weddings or reception rooms?

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Catering and wedding location or reception hall? This decision will affect the entire organization of the wedding.

The decision is difficult for many. In general, when we talk about catering we mean that the catering company will cook at the location, producing dishes of excellent quality.

Catering e location per ricevimenti

There are caterers who prepare the dishes in their kitchen to simply reheat the food at the venue. This is not our case, those who know us know perfectly well of our obsessive attention to the quality of food and its zero-meter production!

Cucina mediterranea

Catering or reception room with kitchen?

Generally, couples have the idea that the restaurant or kitchen inside the living room gives them more security. The restaurant, due to the fact that it is not anchored to a single location but to a multitude of welcoming places, makes them feel uncertain. But it is only a psychological problem, the variability and freedom of catering is experienced as a defect.

accademia del monsu'

On the contrary, we believe that the internal kitchen in a structure and the predefined scheme in the preparation of the dishes translates into rigidity, while the variability or freedom to interpret the needs of the spouses translates into availability.

The strengths of a wedding catering

In reception rooms, it is the manager who tends to push you towards a type of event that is standardized by its style and its scheme. It becomes very complicated, for example, to make changes in the arrangement of the tables or in the choices of thematic islands or to change the style of the room.


The catering specialized in weddings offers you a very wide choice on the menu that is very often put in tune with the style chosen for the wedding. Our catering, for example, is able to offer typical menus of Sicilian cuisine reworked in a modern key. But also classic Mediterranean, ethnic or oriental cuisine for Asian couples who choose our services.

The flexibility of catering

The flexibility of the catering organization is even more evident when the couple decides to orient the style of the reception to their liking. From the choice of chairs to the fittings that will "dress" the chosen location. From thematic islands to any other version you want at the event.

Isole di sapori

And then, why not take advantage of our experience? The opportunity to work in a multitude of locations with ever-changing spaces and styles gives us a complete vision of a wedding reception. The fitters of our catering will be able to combine the rustic style of a location with the furniture that will make it modern or vice versa, highlighting the beauty of the place chosen for the wedding.


The choice of catering and wedding location is much more flexible than other choices and will be able to adapt to your taste!

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