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Catering and restaurant, dress and a thousand other things to think about ...

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Il catering e ristorazione non sono gli unici aspetti a cui dedicare l'attenzione prima del fatidico "si". Sicuramente, almeno nella mente e nel cuore delle sposa, vi è la scelta dell'abito bianco!

Non esistono regole fisse che possano vincolare la scelta dell'abito, tuttavia,  vi sono alcuni dettagli che potrebbero aiutare nella decisione finale.

Matrimonio in spiaggia

Taking into account the setting in which the ceremony will take place will help you in the right choice because, for example, if you get married in a church in the countryside or on the beach, it would be good to avoid the aftermath, the reasons are obvious. So, the choice of catering and the location, first of all, to move on to the search for the dress later.

catering e ristorazione

Catering, catering and the choice of location for weddings in Sicily

If you have not yet chosen the location, it is good to know that our catering collaborates with over 60 locations in Sicily. Tell us about you and your wishes and we will be able to recommend the right location for your reception. The choice of location is often subject, as well as to your taste, to the number of guests and the period of the ceremony. Catering and catering for weddings? simple! You have already found us, hundreds of receptions behind us have built an experience that should not be underestimated.


The services that are added to the catering and restaurant

But the services go far beyond catering and catering. In fact we will not stop at the preparation of the dishes, but also at the burden of the preparations, from the flowers to the scenographies, up to the honeymoon. A complete 360-degree service that will lift you up in the organization of your wedding.


The conventions in choosing the wedding dress

But let's go back to the wedding dress; the most important thing to take into account is the shape of the body, its strengths and weaknesses, because the dress you choose must enhance the former and mitigate small defects. By convention there are 5 types of female physique:

Abito da sposa

  • Hourglass (perfect body),
    • The shoulders and hips a little wider than the waist. Mermaid dress is definitely to be combined precisely because it enhances life by enhancing the rest. The "empire" dress is not recommended for the opposite reasons, it does not enhance life. The best neckline is heart-shaped, instead the "V" neckline is not recommended if the bust is abundant
  • Pear
    • Narrow bust and top but wide hips. Ideal the princess dress with richly decorated bodice to widen the upper part. The mermaid dress is not recommended. The neckline is cut straight, avoiding the American one.
  • Apple
    • The body is a little more rounded at the waist with slightly larger arms and breasts. The empire dress is certainly the most suitable because it tends to slim the female figure. Absolutely not, the mermaid dress for the obvious reason that it wraps too much. The sweetheart neckline for the "apple" woman
  • Inverted triangle.
    • Broad shoulders due to sporting activity. We will try to enhance the waist with the empire style avoiding the "slip" style. The American one will do well for the neckline.
  • Rectangle.
    • They are those bodies, often small, with small breasts and shoulders, waist and hips with very close measurements. in this case avoid "slipped" dresses The ideal dress is a slip dress with a "V" neckline

Abito da sposa

So far the theory ...

We all know very well that beyond conventions, when you fall in love with a dress, a special alchemy is triggered. It will be the brightness of the bride and the joy with which she faces the wedding day that will make her beautiful!

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