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Sunday, 01 March 2020 11:23

The choice of catering and wedding location in Italy

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The choice of catering and the wedding location is important for the success of the wedding day. A first suggestion, put aside the enthusiasm and do not let yourself be influenced by the beauty of the location you plan to choose. Not that it is less important than anything else, but in the checklist to follow it is subsequent to other priorities.

We list the list of requirements that should satisfy the need for a perfect day!

La scelta del catering e della location

The guidelines in choosing the wedding location in Italy

First, consider the geographical position of the venue, its accessibility, the distance from the wedding venue and the distance from nearby hotels, especially if some of your guests come from far away.

You have to know perfectly the internal and external surfaces and the accessibility to them. If you decide to celebrate the civil or religious ceremony in the same location, these spaces must also be checked. How many guests will there be? their number must be clear from the beginning, for a possible plan "b". Never be caught unprepared, because, unfortunately, the weather does not discount weddings and the summer storm is always possible even if unlikely.

Another aspect to consider concerns the exclusivity of the location and any additional costs for extras. From lighting to internal air conditioning and floral decorations.

Also, is the parking near the location? is its capacity adequate for the number of guests? Consider that the guests, on your wedding day, will have less suitable clothes for the long walks from the parking lot to the location.

Last small details for the comfort of the bride

Also check if the location reserves a space for a short relaxation for the bride (being able to cool off, especially if the wedding takes place in the summer or do your makeup in complete tranquility is a real convenience).

Angolo per il relax della sposa

And, finally, the presence of an electric generator. Imagine if there was a power failure during your wedding, a real disaster!

Finally, last but not least, consider the beauty of the place. We suggest that you visit the location at an hour close to that of your celebration. There are locations that, given the different moments of the day, arouse radically different emotions and impressions.

The choice of wedding catering in Italy that helps you in organizing the event

When it comes to the choice of catering, the topic touches us closely, we talk about our work. Although the main focus is on catering, the preparation of dishes that satisfy all palates, our offer has been enriched with services created to make life easier for couples.

Accademia del Monsù

Wedding planner, floral arrangements, a wide choice of mise en place and the possible supply of chairs and tables if they are not available in the chosen location. In addition, all the aspects described in the first part of the article, on the choice of location, will be reviewed with the married couple. We will check together the spaces necessary for guests but also those to be reserved for the creation of the different catering corners. The areas intended for the islands, from those of reception, to those of the granting and thanksgiving of the guests attending your ceremony.

And finally, the honeymoon!

Perhaps you have already read it in our previous article. If you want, you can organize it with our help. Because we are the only catering in Catania to have signed an agreement with Voloviaggi, a new service to offer couples who choose us, the honeymoon at exclusive conditions

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