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Our catering in Italy

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Catering in Catania and the Monsù Academy, represent for many the same meaning: professionalism and passion for their work. The Accademia del Monsù is the reference catering for married couples who wish that the most beautiful day of their life can be remembered in the years to come as the perfect event.

Catering in Italy

Catering invernale a catania

The Trubia group, made up of several companies to which we belong, has been dedicated to the world of catering and organization of weddings and minor events for years. We understood that to create the perfect event, every little detail had to be taken care of down to the smallest detail, even those aspects that were not part of our work. The beauty of the location, for example, how much this could arouse the emotion of the couple and their guests. For this reason, over the years, we have selected dozen locations for receptions and collaborated with their managers, creating that essential synchrony for the perfect event!
Our head office is located in Catania and today we boast more than 60 partners throughout the Sicilian territory.
tavolo imperiale 

The story of our success in catering

The best things are achieved only through passion and attention even in the small organizational details. This rule was instilled in us by our father, the founder of the group, like an indelible tattoo. Even today, his foresight and experience remain fundamental in strategic business decisions.

Coppia di sposi a villa del poggio mulara

Our story starts from Milan, but like many other Sicilians, the call for our land was too strong and so we decided to transfer our business to the region we love. We have created widespread relationships in the area with various reception structures and, with their managers, wrote a common protocol of behavior so as not to leave anything to chance. The reason was simple, the success or failure of an event was attributed by guests and married couples, equally, to the location and organization of the catering, regardless of who the strengths or weaknesses, the faults or the excellence, in a reception.

In short, we have worked not to let there be any reasons that prevented the excellence of the results!

mise en place

Accademia del Monsù is the name of a catering that is not accidental!

Many do not know that the culinary tradition of Sicily is the product of different dietary rules of different origins. The economic condition imposed a type of diet based on the harvest and on game or farmed animals.

La cucina dei Monsù

At the end of the nineteenth century, the great tradition of French cuisine reigned and there was not a single noble family of the two Sicilies not to use the services of a French cook. Their title, Monsù, indicated the difference between them, family cooks, and the others, "boater cooks".

Tartara di pesce

Some of them achieved great fame until they were treated as artists and the names of some of them have come down to us, as the title of Monsù was a source of pride and was handed down from father to son. little at their disposal to "invent" recipes still worthy of a starred cuisine.

Le torte del nostro catering

Today the Accademia del Monsù is the catering that collects the traditions of Sicilian noble cuisine and successfully promotes it on the national territory. Going back to the reasons for success, here is another strong point: A multitude of simple recipes embellished by the knowledge of extraordinary chefs!


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