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Sunday, 16 February 2020 17:22

Catering for wedding in Italy , Accademia del Monsù

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The catering in Italy that has collected the richest curriculum in recent years has been the Accademia del Monsù. Yes, we, and today we want to reveal the secret of our success.

We started this great adventure and we set ourselves some rules and, in some ways, some constraints, which must never be exceeded. But let's start from the beginning.

The catering in Catania that represented Sicily in the world

We are proud of our origins, the years spent in Milan and the lack of our region have increased the love for Sicily. The colors of our land, its scents and love for good food have evolved into a project that expressed both passions and we succeeded!

Mori siciliani

The Accademia del Monsù is born, Catering in Catania that represented Sicilian cuisine and traditions on the table, in the world.

Catering in Italy, Monsù Academy. The reasons for this name

In the eighteenth century the Sicilian nobility consumed food prepared according to the rules established by the great French cuisine of the seventeenth century. The latter had ended up dominating not only in the courts of Naples and in those of the Spanish peninsula, but in all those countries where the official language of the lords was French. Each aristocratic family had a French cook at its service: the monsù.

Catering Catania

If in the official lunches and in the large convivial meetings, the great families demanded the delicate French flavors. In everyday life, they invited their monsus to create more robust foods with stronger flavors. A new cuisine is born, the result of the evolution of a peasant cuisine, in some ways poor, which combines with the refinement of French flavors, enhancing the scents of the Mediterranean. A new way of conceiving cuisine is born that is closer to a universal taste because it expresses the most sincere peasant traditions.

We, before others, have consolidated the ancient Sicilian traditions into a true academy, which would re-propose the refinement and elegance of the ancient traditions of the island. Catering was born in Catania and takes the name of the homonymous cooking studies center: the Monsù Academy

Catering for weddings

It was very nice to discover that there are more and more couples who, on their way to marriage, develop the desire to propose a wedding that is different from the usual clichés. A wedding reception that creates evocative emotions of a world that they themselves have not known but that are fascinated by it.

Catering per Matrimoni

Our choice to cultivate Sicilian traditions at the table has given us an advantage over other caterers and, over time, more and more couples have identified Wedding Catering with the Monsù Academy

The references that make our catering the most prestigious.

Le referenze dell'accademia del monsu'


First of all the brands, Ferrari, the brand that makes us proud in the world, called us with the task of organizing the dinner for the birthday party of the house in Maranello!

I Guzzini - For the few who do not know "the Guzzini" we are grateful to summarize the company philosophy of this great reality: "Defended environment, biological and psychological well-being, sustainable economies" the commitments, since 1959

Ipercoop - Gravina di Catania (CT) 2009 Inauguration of the Katanè Shopping Center - Ipercoop Gravina di Catania 4 May 2009

IBM - It is the global IT giant, in Italy, it has chosen the Accademia del Monsu 'for the Gala dinner. IBM represents the clear example of how constant change can represent an evolution destined to improve relations between business and society; increasing business for companies and improving the quality of life are now a possible combination.

Hugo Boss - Boss Menswear Store Opening - Cocktail Party - 400 guests. Also on this occasion, our Catering was chosen by the well-known brand

And what about the great event in the city of Noto, which featured famous stars of the French jet set and Italian and French politicians?

Accademia del Monsù Catering for wedding in Italy

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