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Monday, 17 February 2020 10:52

Catering for wedding in Italy an important choice

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Catering is a serious matter and the chefs of our wedding catering are fully aware of it. Their constant commitment is proof of this.

What sets our wedding catering in Italy apart from others

Couples who are about to marry have simple choices along their path and others that are certainly more tormented. The choice of location is among the simple ones because it rarely reserves surprises, after all the location on the wedding day will be the one that the couple saw during the preparations.

villa del poggio mulara

Unless you have had experiences that have made it known, the choice of catering is the most troubled. But what should be considered when choosing the catering team?

First of all, the reviews on the network. move on to the evaluation of the curriculum and finally the offer of services that integrate the main restaurant service. But since we write we will try to present our proposal and leave you the freedom to compare ourselves with other catering for receptions


Always be wary of the reviews on the site of the various wedding catering operators. We let others express their judgment; for this reason we invite you to visit this link, The page serves only to summarize the links of Facebook or where, those who have had the pleasure of using our services, express their opinion.

The wedding catering curriculum

We will not talk about the curricum of others but about our own. We have been operating in the catering sector for large events for decades and, thanks to your suggestions, we have grown up. We have dedicated an entire page of our official website to our references, which we invite you to visit. In this article instead, we show you what makes us proud more than anything else, having represented Sicily in Bern, on the 60th anniversary of the Ferrari brand. 15 years have passed since then, and numerous successes have been added, but the love and passion for Ferrari has roots that go beyond catering.

Il giornale di Sicilia parla dell'accademia del Monsu


The services of our wedding catering in Italy

For us at the Accademia del Monsù, the success of a wedding or another great event is the contribution of various aspects that are integrated as in a puzzle to represent a large picture. The wrong placement of a single piece compromises the success of the final result, because in a chain it is the weakest link that compromises all the others. This philosophy has led us to integrate restaurant and catering services with other additional ones.

allestimenti catering per matrimoni


The main goal is to provide couples with the availability of our experience. A wedding planner service that will help you in the choices that will make the unforgettable "Yes" day unique. From the choice of location settings. flowers, centerpieces, candelabra and many other details. All an integral part of the offer, on a par with the mise en place.


We are the only ones to have entered into an agreement with "Volo Viaggi" to be able to provide you with a new service that aims at your exclusive interest. The honeymoon at an exclusive price that the tour operator will offer to customers who choose us!

Viaggi di nozze alle Maldive


Fantastic isn't it?

What we have described in this article is only part of the substantial offer. On the one hand, the quality of a wedding catering with many years of experience, on the other hand the convenience of finding the added value of a wedding planner all included in the offer for a stress-free wedding!

Accademia del Monsù - Catering for wedding in Italy

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