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Our catering at Casa delle Terre Forti

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The catering service at Casa delle Terre Forti is always pleasant. This has a seductive charm at any time of the year and every corner of the villa offers different and intense suggestions.

In spring, the house is an explosion of colors and scents and its flower garden fills the atmosphere with joy and delicate fragrances.



In summer, the sun enhances the blue of the sea and allows us to enjoy a panorama that embraces the entire Riviera of the Cyclops. The winter period is simply special, because the magic of a thousand Christmas lights that blend with centuries-old trees transform Casa delle Terre Forti into a true poetry laboratory. Even for us who have always offered the catering service at Casa delle Terre Forti, we will never get used to these emotions


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Il Contesto

Casa delle Terre Forti is an ancient Sicilian residence, a place full of warmth, linked to the most concrete family values capable of projecting you into a dreamlike dimension. The position of the villa connects the sea with Etna. Its terraces overlook the gulf, from which we enjoy the breeze that cools the summer nights. Etna, like the gentle giant of fairy tales, protects the "Casa" in winter from the cold northern breezes.

 cerimonio casa delle terre forti


Casa delle Terre Forti is an ancient Sicilian residence, a place full of warmth, linked to the values of sobriety and elegance.

In the house there are large and always different spaces, suitable for every style, together with the warmth of a familiar, informal and attention to detail welcome.

The park that embraces the house

A garden full of vegetation and colors where the bright green of the meadows meets the blue of the sea on the horizon. The ideal place for the celebration of civil rites and outdoor weddings.


The terrace overlooking the sea

It is probably the most photographed, admired and desired space in our home. The terrace overlooking the sea of Casa delle Terre Forti is a suggestive place that points towards the blue. Literally surrounded by the wonders of nature, it is perfect for parties, receptions, civil ceremonies.

 serra 1


A privileged view of one of the most beautiful places in the world that, every time, leaves any guest breathless. The panoramic terrace is set up for all kinds of parties but also to celebrate civil weddings.

The greenhouse

A sensory space perfect for moments of relaxation, conversations between guests and photos to be framed.
Different in every corner, but perfectly coherent as a whole, the greenhouse takes you back to the atmosphere of a tea in Morocco, to the colors of the Etna vegetation, to the warmth of a family garden.


Our services at Casa delle Terre Forti

It is easy for our catering to take care of receptions at Casa delle Terre Forti because the spaces are large enough and the location of the "cooking" area adjacent to the banquet area.

If you wish to choose the Accademia del Monsù and Casa delle Terre Forti for your wedding, do not hesitate to contact us.

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