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Parco dei ciclopi

The "Parco dei Ciclopi", obtained from an old farmhouse, extends over a vast and varied territory.
It rises above the hills of Acitrezza, easily reachable from the SS 114. A refined, bright and air-conditioned room, with simple and well-defined lines, can accommodate more than 160 people, perfect for hosting your baptisms, confirmations, weddings, business lunches. . , Anniversaries, Degrees, Meetings, Congresses.
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The "Parco dei Ciclopi" is a real green balcony overlooking the enchanting Gulf of Capomulini, offering you a unique scenario between the green of the hill and the blue of the sea.
From any point of the club an enchanting panorama opens up to your eyes, now you can enjoy the nocturnal charm of the lights of Capomulini, now you can take a picture with the enchanting blue of the sea and the background of the mighty Cyclops.


18 October 2017




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