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Xirumi Serravalle Castle

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We will now describe another important historical residence in Sicily, Castello Xirumi Serravalle, starting from the history of the Grimaldi family.

The Grimaldi family

The Grimaldi family, owner of the estate, has ancient origins. In Liguria he had made alliances with the Doria family, excelling, between competitions and rivalries, with the other great feudal families. In 1297 he conquered the Bay and the Rock of Monaco of which he still has dominion, albeit in a female line.

In Sicily, in 1962, Agostino Grimaldi was governor of the county of Modica and received the title of prince.

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At the beginning of the nineteenth century, the Grimaldi family moved from Mineo, where they had lived until then, to Catania. Here he has lived permanently for six generations, holding important positions in civil life and continuing to be Knights of Malta for six consecutive generations.

Xirumi Serravalle Castle, location for receptions

Xirumi Castle has been adapted to be shared with those who want a special location for receptions. The history of the place is certified by the generations of a noble family with ancient roots. The castle is suitable for receptions at any time of the year, in fact it has indoor and outdoor spaces

The Castle has large indoor and outdoor spaces so it lends itself to any type of event at any time of the year. The interiors are evocative with a strong evocative impact. For years our catering has formed a strong partnership with this splendid location for receptions. The goal: the success of every event! On the one hand the breathtaking beauty of the place, on the other hand, the organization and experience in the restaurant business of our company. A winning combination!

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The married couples who choose Xirumi Castle and the Monsù Academy will not simply choose a location and catering, but a complete solution for the wedding. In fact, our company will provide a wedding planner service and everything you need for a fantastic day!


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