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Catering for weddings at Villa del Poggio Mulara

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Another location that exclusively welcomes our wedding catering is Villa Del Poggio Mulara. A Reception Hall in the province of Caltanissetta.

A taste that is always elegant, sober, chic and of great visual impact. An unmistakable Sicilian style, expressed in a simple way, the same simplicity that we find in the peasant culture of the past.


Villa del Poggio Mulara has chosen our catering for weddings, because better than anyone else it expresses the taste of peasant cuisine reworked in a modern key.

Catering for the villa's weddings

A wedding location and historic residence in the heart of Sicily, with a strong evocative impact!

vista poggio mulara

All the corners and objects in the villa speak of ancient stories, full of meanings. We are very happy to read on the website that represents them, that one of their strengths is partnership with "the prestigious Accademia del Monsù. Catania catering, thanks to the quality of the dishes, participates in our success by bringing aromas and flavors to the table. of Sicily ". The style of the villa like that and our catering

Il catering per matrimoni

The wedding in Caltanissetta in the way of splendor and prestige

Villa del Poggio Mulara is part of the tourist route that accompanies visitors to discover the ancient splendor of Mazarin. Enter Villa del Poggio Mulara and marvel, starting to dream of the ideal setting for your most important day.

Il parco di Villa del Poggio Mulara

The pleasure of welcoming you in this splendid location for receptions

The thing that strikes us immediately at Villa del Poggio Mulara is the welcome with which we are received. The gestures are simple as simple as an affectionate hug and it is understood that it is in a true philosophy of life.

Tagli della torta

The kind gesture expresses the warmth of Sicily, simple and welcoming. The menus for receptions in the villa are carefully chosen. Like the choice of a dress, it must slide on us lightly, it must respect styles and proportions and above all it must be unique. The dishes reflect the style of the villa and the proud Sicilian nature it represents

Contact Villa del Poggio Mulara or our wedding catering

If you want to choose this villa for your wedding, contact us and we will take you to discover the villa of wonders!

via Scala, 50 - 95027 San Gregorio di Catania
Telefono: +39 095.7225255 | https://www.accademiadelmonsu.it

Tavolo Imperiale


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